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When I was a young girl my world vision was shaped in part by looking at picture books. They aided my reading skills by visually identifying objects first before I knew how to read their names. With that memory in mind, my approach to illustrating and teaching about picture books is the art must convey an author's story in a way that is clear and detailed. My goal is to broaden a child's vision and help them learn to read.

Contact Melanie for session breakdowns and honorariums:  melhopegreenberg@aol.com

Art Activities based on my published books. 

YOUNG STUDENT WORKSHOPS - At Your School or by Skype. Highlights the writer/artist process, an interactive visual guide with easy to follow step by step techniques. Learn how to create an original story concept, a first draft, sketches, storyboards and final artwork for print. Student participation is encouraged. Reading / Drawing / Q&A.

* For Pre-K to Fifth grade 
* Maximum of 3-4 workshops a day
* Each workshop is 40 - 60 minutes 
* Small classroom / library settings and Large audiences using Power Point.
* School / Host provides honorarium and expenses for travel and meals. 
* Lodging must be provided for out of town trips.
* NYC DOE Vendor  -  Teaching Artist
* BOCES  - Teaching Artist

My workshops topics explore craft, selling and marketing a children's picture book idea for publication. They are for:
* ARTISTS / WRITERS (Published and Unpublished)

Contact Melanie for session breakdowns and honorariums:  melhopegreenberg@aol.com


“Melanie is a fabulous teacher, fellow workshop leader. She knows her stuff and can impart it to others.” 
- Larry Dane Brimner, Author, 2018 Sibert Medal

“We had the best time and can't wait to have you back! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
-  Terri Ramaglia Kostkowicz, PS 108, Brooklyn 

“Dear Melanie, Thank you so much for being with us yesterday for WRAD!  The students absolutely loved hearing the story about the Mermaid parade on Coney Island. It offered a great opportunity to connect Social Studies with writing! Doubly wonderful!  The first graders you spoke with are extremely motivated to continue their writing (and illustrative) efforts – I am so happy for teachers and our awesome learners! Thanks again for being such a blessing to our kids!” 
- Linda Cox, Elementary Teacher 

"Laura & Caroline's mom called this morning and one of the things she said was that the girls loved your program. Rachel also said that your programs were among the best we had at the Academy” - Peggy Salwen, NYPL

“Wonderful reading of Mermaids on Parade with Melanie Hope Greenberg for our K and 1st graders today. Thanks to all who made it happen! The kids really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!!”  
- Lark Losardo, Asst. Principal, PS 90 Brookyln

“Thank you melanie, it was a pleasure meeting you and what a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear how a book is created.”   
- Michele Barber-Perry, PTA Nest School, NYC

Monday, August 7, 2017


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Putnam and Sons; 1st edition (2008)

School Library Journal
The Mermaid Parade, a summer solstice ritual to open the beach season at Coney Island, started in 1983 as the revival of an older festival. Greenberg paints detailed—and accurate—layouts of the neighborhood, complete with shops, arcades, the F train to Coney Island, Astroland, and diverse people decked out in their sea-creature finery. She lavishes each joyful spread with upbeat colors and patterns. Skies echo the changing blue tints of the ocean. The minimal story line—a young girl narrates as she marches in the parade with her parents—functions like a tour guide, calling attention to the sights. The wealth of detail turns the pages into a Where's Waldo game: adults and children might challenge each other to locate the three main characters in an amusement-park panorama, or to count the number of pirates dancing on the Boardwalk. This is a fine way to keep the warm sun, sand, and celebration around all year.

A young girl is excited to march in the Coney Island annual Mermaid Parade, which marks the official summer opening of the beaches. As the parade moves toward the sea for the opening ceremony, crowds cheer the fancifully dressed participants, and the girl grows more excited, until the final surprise comes: she wins the award for “Best Little Mermaid.” The descriptive first-person narrative is somewhat overlong, but it captures the girl’s anticipation and enjoyment, and vividly conveys the scene, from the “shiny costumes that sparkle and glitter” to the dancing East River Mermaids and the feel of the warm sun. Exuberant, cartoon-style gouache illustrations fill pages with a festive riot of colorful, diverse participants and activities, while a map view follows the parade’s route. Though place- and event-specific, this title offers an affectionate, upbeat depiction of costume fun, parades, and community celebrations. A final page includes a how-to for making a simple mermaid tail, and a note on Mermaid Parade history.

A good time is plainly had by all...[a] celebration of a colorful, distinctive local tradition.


"My love and admiration goes out to Melanie Hope Greenberg...Does everyone have Mermaids on Parade? …..Classic books for Brooklyn cool kids.” 
- Tina Chang, Brooklyn Poet Laureate

"Hi Melanie Greenberg,  My best wishes to Jane Feder and congratulations to you.” 
- Carol Albert, owner of Astroland

"It's so wonderful Melanie. Hope you caught our review of it. http://www.coolmompicks.com/2012/07/mermaids_are_alive_well_and_li.php -
- Cool Mom Picks

“There's an article on NPR online today that features a photo from a San Jose library and my picture book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE, is on the library shelf. It’s an article about diversity. THANK YOU for having my book in your collection. So honored!”
Melanie Hope Greenberg - Author and Illustrator
“We saw the article. We were excited to know that NPR used one of our images. That's cool how you spotted your book ... We only buy the best. Cheers!  - San Jose Public Library 
“I should mention, by the way, that Lily Bird is OBSESSED with Mermaids on Parade.  I am not even just saying that.  She loves a lot of books but right now that's the one she wants to read every. single. night.  There are so many details that she pores over.  It took about 30 readings before I myself noticed the Superfine reference.  Well hidden!  I think part of the lure of the book for her is the trophy at the end.  She's already asked if she could have one.  I've told her that next summer maybe we can go to the real mermaid parade.  We'll see.  In any case, you have a #1 fan in the Bird household.  She even knows how to say your name when I read the title.”  - Betsy Bird, Author and School Library Journal blogger

"I saw someone buying your Mermaid book at Powerhouse on 8th. Woman was buying it as a gift. Second time she has done so. She said "Thank You.” 
- Louise Crawford, Brooklyn blogger 

 "How wonderful...how exciting!!!” - Karen Zebulon, owner, Gumbo Brooklyn

“We really enjoyed the book reading and of course we loved the arts and crafts! We still have our glamorous mermaid crowns! Thank you Melanie Hope Greenberg! - Nicole S

Thank You Pittsburgh Public Library System! "My 3 year old daughter has become a big fan of your book. We found it at our public library and she was hooked on reading it every night" - Jeremy F

"We had cupcakes donated to a Friends of the Park Slope Library event and they were wonderful! She made us specialized mermaid cupcakes in honor of a book reading about the mermaid parade.”  - Park Slope Parents review of 4 Wishes Cakery

“…our little patron Evan.. ADORES Mermaids on Parade! Court Square Library loves Melanie Hope Greenberg! -  Alison Mc, Children’s Librarian

“Both my daughter andI love your illustrations in Mermaid on Parade.   It is so joyful.  Thanks for doing what you do!” - Juana F, Children's Librarian   

"Well, thank you also for having such a singular book. I actually started the Brooklyn list with your book in mind and went from there.” - Stephanie W,  NYPL Librarian

"Just helped a young reader enter her recent titles in our summer reading program! She loved Mermaids on Parade and enjoyed hearing that we are friends!” 
- Maria S, Librarian, OH

"Your workshop on your picture book process for Mermaids on Parade was fabulous - so informative, zippy, and funny! Great to spend time with you!” - Sarah Lamstein, author

"Wait! You know the person who illustrated that book? We have read it roughly 4,000 times. I'm starstruck by proxy.”  - Andria, parent, and now Facebook Friend

"Awww, that's cuz he loves "Mermaids on Parade!” - Beth E-H. parent 

"Melanie Hope Greenberg--thanks for the afternoon activity from Mermaids on Parade. They had fun.” - Carol B, author

"Mermaids of Parade was my Granddaughters all time favorite for me to read to her. Definitely makes an excellent gift for giving.” - Catherine M

“We were down in Brighton Beach and Amelie recognized some sites not to far off from her favorite book :)” -  Kristina A

“I am enjoying reading your beautiful, colorful and the characters of all size and colors. The grandchildren love and want us to read over and over again. Thank you so much for the joy your book has brought to our lives. Also very proud you are my cousin. Lots of love.” 
 - Ginelle A

“Hi Melanie, Congratulations on another successful children's book! Our grand kids still enjoy Mermaids on Parade, My Father's Luncheonette and Down in the Subway. Keep on writing and illustrating your wonderful books!  All the best.” -  Nino & Judy

"Melanie... Our family enjoyed the book very much...You captured the excitement of Coney Island and the Mermaid Parade that we became home sick. 😎💕 Your illustrations are amazing!! Thank you for representing Brooklyn! - Ruth Ann

"Although "your" Coney Island is newer than mine--I went to Steeplechase and can remember those rides and also was one of the last kids to have experienced going on the Parachute Jump before it closed down-== Mermaids on Parade invoked many memories of what Coney Island is and was It really was such razzle-dazzle for us as children. I think you captured all that for the children who will be reading about Coney Island today---and as well as for those who have never actually been there
Your book has been a delightful experience. Good luck to you as you bring those happy experiences to your young audience. - V. Rizzuto (happy customer)

"Hi Melanie  thanks for sharing the Mermaids illustration, it is just beautiful. All the best with your work.  - Kate Mcgarry, jazz artist

Gorgeous -  Steven Levenberg

"CONGRATULATIONS Melanie - what a thrill and accomplishment.  - Pat Tortorici


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Henry Holt Books For Young Readers; 1st edition (2001)
Author: Bethany Roberts

Publishers Weekly
Roberts focuses on two parallel gardens--one carefully cultivated, the other the product of nature--in this cheery picture book. "I planted a garden. The wind planted a garden, too," announces the narrator, a lively girl with a green thumb and carrot-colored hair. As she charts the growth of both gardens in simple phrases ("The wind didn't weed. Its garden just grew"), readers can see for themselves the contrast between the girl's carefully tended plot with its neatly ordered rows, and the result of what happens when the wind "swirled around, throwing seeds to the ground, here and there and everywhere." The narrator makes no ultimate judgments; instead she happily appreciates the beauties of both styles. Like the gardens themselves, Greenberg's vibrant folk-art style gouache paintings burst with life, from the swooping curlicues used to indicate the wind to the zinnia-bright colors of the flowers and surrounding yard. Pink and purple sheets hang on the clothesline; a peach-colored house boasts a periwinkle door; a rolling line of blue hills anchors the horizon. This breezy tale ends with a few brief tips from the author on cultivating gardens both domestic and wild.

School Library Journal
A small girl describes the planting and growing of her garden while noticing and comparing the changes in the wind's garden, which is the nearby field. The child is purposeful and hardworking while the wind is, naturally, more carefree and expansive; but both gardens thrive on water and sunshine, are visited by bees and butterflies, and are beautiful. The story concludes with an author's note about growing a garden and about contributing to the wind's garden by blowing dandelion seeds. The flat, stylized gouache illustrations are colorful and cheery.

A little girl describes how she planted, watered, and weeded her garden, while outside the fence, the wind planted a garden too. Though watered only by rain, the wind's garden has grown into a field of wildflowers alongside the girl's garden. Telling the story of the two gardens through a simple, first-person text, Roberts makes planting seeds, tending plants, and watching them grow sound mighty appealing. But the real excitement comes in the illustrations: all the waiting pays off in the riot of colorful flowers on the final pages. The naive-style gouache paintings suit the tone of the story well. A good book for reading aloud.


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Holiday House; 1st edition (2001)
Author: Kathleen Krull

School Library Journal
Information about this most frequent and important shopping place ranges from the early history of crops the Pilgrims learned to grow through the amazing, rich variety of products available today. The electric-eye doors open wide, and the shopping carts, piloted by people of all ages and types, roll in a jolly parade through a vast complex of bottles, boxes, cans, baked goods, fresh produce, dairy products, meats, and nonfood items to their final destination, the checkout counters. Added to this munificent display are all kinds of interesting facts about the food pyramid, the journey from field to unloading dock, the evolution of food marketing from barter to superstore, manager and employee activities behind the scenes, festive foods for holidays, and lots of pertinent statistics. Written in a clear and lively style, the text is printed in several typefaces and appears on boxes, bulletin boards, an ice-cream carton, etc., as well as in the usual places at the top and bottom of the pages, a format perfectly suited to the variety of subjects covered. Best of all, however, are the vibrant double-page gouache cartoon-style pictures using flat, decorative forms. Lots of busy people wander among the brilliantly colored arrangements of shapes and sizes for tremendous eye appeal. The only thing lacking is shoppers jabbering on their cell phones.

If you lined up all the boxes of macaroni and cheese sold each year, the line would stretch from Los Angeles to New York and back again--more than 9 times." This is just one of the interesting tidbits found in this behind-the-scenes look at the neighborhood supermarket. The main text briefly relates the story of how food gets from farm to shelf. After that, it's a hodgepodge of information that many youngsters will find interesting. Additional text is placed within the gouache illustrations: for example, information on states famous for producing a particular food appears inside an outline map of the U.S. that is located on the side of a farm building. The artwork, filled to the brim with colorful products and active people, features a wonderful variety of signs that will encourage kids to practice reading and math; it can also be used to introduce the concept of advertising. Schools near a supermarket can extend this with a walking field trip. 


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 24 pages
Publisher: Harper Growing Tree; 1st edition (2000)


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books; 1st edition (1991)

Publishers Weekly
Past the hardware store and the bank, a red-haired girl hops and skips to her father's luncheonette, a popular gathering place in the hub of a busy Bronx neighborhood. Her father works from breakfast through dinner, flipping burgers and "fizzing up a thousand sodas." In addition to meeting her friends, the girl sometimes helps out with the menus or mixes up unusual drink concoctions (that the customers might not appreciate). "A budding chef," her proud dad exclaims. Amid the hustle and bustle, he always finds time to help his daughter with her homework. Though not employing a traditional storyline, Greenberg's ( At the Beach ) exuberant excursion recalls a time when mom-and-pop businesses proliferated and kids were a part of the workday scene. A sense of cheerful expectancy permeates the atmosphere, and the fresh, geometric artwork is rendered in bright colors with crisp contours.

School Library Journal
A carrot-topped young girl skips down the street and around the corner to her father's traditional Bronx luncheonette, where everything from the black-and-white tile on the floor to the jukebox that takes dimes and plays Twist records harks back to the early '60s. After happily devouring an egg cream, hamburger, and ice cream, plus splitting a square-scooped strawberry ice-cream soda with her best friend, she clips the dinner specials to the menus, then plays and helps till closing time. Flat, stylized illustrations feature colorful patterns and plenty of small bottles, jars, and other cafe accouterments, lending a lively but uncrowded effect. This cheery, simple narrative celebrates a small family business, and there is no sense of adult reminiscence or sentimentality. - John Peters, New York Public Library


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (1992)
Author: Kathleen Krull

The book was made in an environmentally friendly manner. It was printed on recycled paper with soybean oil inks, there was no paper dust jacket, and water-soluble glues were used in the binding.

School Library Journal
“…. this could be very useful as an idea starter or discussion book in classrooms. There is a good list of activities for children to do by themselves. Especially useful are suggestions for conserving energy by changing habits and thinking before acting. The bright, cheerful illustrations show multiethnic children in a variety of situations.”


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Original Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (2005)
Author: Anne Rockwell

School Library Journal
This sunny picture book takes readers through the entire construction process, from vacant lot to community center. Beginning with the early-morning arrival of a backhoe, an enthusiastic young boy describes the various trucks that come to the site and the activities of the workers. When the building is complete, he and his neighbors enjoy all that their new community center has to offer, and even paint a picture of the digger on the wall. Simply told, and with large, clear illustrations, this offering will be fun for storytime or for one-on-one sharing. The text is peppered with sound effects ("Grr-clank!" and "Rumble and rattle"), and the last page has labeled drawings of the vehicles. A great choice for libraries that cannot keep enough construction books on the shelf.– Laurel L. Iakovakis, Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO

There can never be enough truck books for some preschoolers, and those who feel that way are sure to love this one--for the sound and rhythm of the words as well as clear, brightly colored pictures of machines in action. As a boy and his mom watch the activity at a building site, the child hears the pounding of the huge machines. Digger goes "Grrr-clank! Grr-clank! Grrr-clank-clank!"; "Flatbed backs and grunts, then backs and grunts some more"; Cement Mixer rumbles and grumbles. The workmen are Digger's helpers, and the pictures show them climbing and clanging, welding and hammering. When all the work is done, there is a new community center for everyone. After a read-aloud, toddlers will want to play out the construction action again and again. Hazel Rochman

School Library Journal
“Fun for storytime or for one-on-one sharing . . . . A great choice.”

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Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: DKInk / Richard Jackson; 1st edition (1998)
Second Edition: Star Bright Books (2003)

Horn Book
“Lively paintings in Caribbean pastel hues joyfully fill in the details as a the rhythmical text celebrates the unexpected magic of a routine trip” 

Philadelphia Inquirer
“This is a hymn to the power of creativity” 

Publisher’s Weekly
“Greenberg’s gouache art, with it’s electric hues and primative style, supplies the bulk of the book’s energy. The artist fluidly captures the ample magic that emanates from the multicolored straw bag of a friendly island woman. (Cohen’s) inventive idea for transforming the tedium of subway riding-creatively realized in Greenberg’s sprightly pictures- will lift the spirits of any child familiar with subway riding”

Bulletin of the Center of Children’s Books
“The paintings rely on bright Caribbean colors...results in a lollipop effect that adds to the playfulness of the whole senario” 

New York Public Library/ Brooklyn Public Library Reading list 2001

Brooklyn Public Library Summer Read Aloud Program 2004


Age Range: 5 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Henry Holt; 1st edition (2004)
Author: Norman Rosten (Brooklyns First Poet Laureate)

New York Times 
A CITY IS: Poems. By Norman Rosten. Collected and edited by Patricia Rosten Filan. Illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg. Holt. $16.95. (Ages 4 to 8) Several of these short, accessible poems about urban life make specific reference to New York City. The delightful illustrations range from Brooklyn rooftop views of Manhattan to the 72nd Street subway stop, and from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty.

Kirkus Review 
The art rewards repeat visits, as Greenberg, in charactaristic folk-art style, follows a mother and child from their own busy Brooklyn street to South Ferry, Washington Square, Central and other parks, glimpsing along the way fire trucks, and fireworks, skyscrapers, and subway stations, playgrounds, bridges, and people at work or play.  Visually, at leaast, the finest valentine to New York (or at least two of it's five Boroughs) since Kathy Jacobsen's 'My New York' (1993).   

"While buildings sleep / the moon is drifting / like a toy balloon / over Brooklyn Bridge." True to American poetic tradition, these very simple poems by the late Rosten, the first poet laureate of Brooklyn, celebrate both the big picture and the close-up, tiny detail. The streets are crowded with traffic beneath the great towers of stone--and there's a red geranium on a windowsill. Greenberg's clear, collage-style gouache illustrations on watercolor paper show the city through the day and night and through the seasons, especially as they occur in New York. The park is busy with people playing ball and chess, and working out in Tai Chi groups, while a kite sails in the sky. The diversity of the neighborhood is part of the story, and children will enjoy the view of people they know in a busy, magical place in both sunshine and snow.

Children’s Lit 
The free verse and artwork celebrate the essence of New York City. There is great child appeal here with red fire trucks, charging down a city street, a boat-filled harbor and a park full of children playing. The seasonal changes are representated too by a springtime kite flying (“Look, it just broke away! Hope it lands on a soft place/ l ike a pillow, or a cloud”); a sudden summer shower (“The birds sing while taking a bath in puddles and wet grass”); the squirrels gathering nuts in the autumn (“burying nuts against the frost/ closing storm windows wherever their secret houses are..); and snow falling in winter (“Snow makes the city very quiet/ you can even whisper and be heard..”). A child and his mother are pictured in many of the two page spreads, adding even more interest to each illustration. While it should be read for the pure enjoyment, this is also a great title to use in curriculum on city themes, rivers and bridges, mapmaking and seasons.  

** Amazon Listmania, #1 Theme: NYC Books

** Bank Street College Children's Book Committee  2004 


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society; 1st edition (1991)

In CELEBRATIONS: Our Jewish Holidays (Jewish Publication Society. $14.95. Ages 3 to 6), written and illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg, three or four short sentences on each double-page spread tell about a holiday, from Shabbat to Tishah B'Ab. The illustrations are sweet and include a shofar, a Torah, a synagogue, a menorah, an Israeli flag, all the signs and symbols of Jewish life. The text seems appropriate for very young children, although parents may want to elaborate as their children respond. This useful book serves as a good introduction to the religious seasons as they are experienced by an observant Jewish family.        

"You will get a kick out of this. I am weeding the Judaism books, and I opened this cute little orange book and saw a 1992 acquisition date, and thought eww this should go, and then looked further and thought 'how cute, and the pages look almost brand new - we will keep it after all' and then read the author”  - Adelaide Miller Rowe, Librarian, IL 


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society; 1st edition (1995)


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Clarion Books 1st edition (1999)
Author: Olga Litowinsky

Boats of all shapes and sizes come into clear focus in Greenberg’s cheerful art. Colorfully clad diminutive mice make up the boat’s crews and sunbathe on an ocean liner, picnic in a canoe and waterski behind a speed-boat. Their diverting antics give the book its buoyancy.


Age Range: 3 and up 
Hardcover: 30 pages
Publisher: Kane Miller Books (October 2016)
Author: Lynn Parrish Sutton 

NC Teacher Stuff
I can see sharing this with a class of 4th or 5th graders, and then asking them to create a page with two places in your state and a verse for each place. You could create a book with all of those pages. It would also be great as part of a lesson on adverbs. To sum up my feelings in a couplet:
I love you Americanly, I must be confessin'.
This is one sensational geography lesson.

Picture Book Illustration
This picture book road trip could not have come at a better time.

Nerdy Book Club
A must have for history/geography teachers and art teachers will find much to study, too.

Love this book! Household favorite!
We love the sweet rhyming text that is sing song style! And it's a great way to introduce younger children to national landmarks and monuments. Being a military family we recognized many and loved the memories it brought back! 
Love the story!
My family loves this book! The rhythm is fun and we love that it takes you through so many states and monuments. It really promotes patriotism and makes me long for our family road trips in the future! Highly recommend this book for your collecrion!

I love Americanly!
As a spouse to a veteran, and a veteran myself, I love the theme of Americanly.  To be able to share with my children all the ways I love them just as I love my country is fantastic.  AND I like the vibrant illustrations!  It gives the book an appeal to readers of ALL ages and a nice clean approach to our country's landscapes and landmarks. 

 “August 21, 2017 In honor of the solar eclipse day...Melanie Hope Greenberg has altered this picture in a fun way!!  Too cute! This is the book that I have told ya’ll about that includes the St. Louis Arch and other wonderful landmarks! Don't forget your glasses!…, “I love you shiningly, freely, Americanly!”  - Alisha M 

“Oh my, I love your illustrations in Americanly ..thank you so much for the friend request.”  - Amber W

“Hey Melanie!!! So excited to have you on my friends list  we love Americanly and look forward to reading your others.” - Amy C

“Hello Melanie! Our family loves Americanly!” - Anita M

“I love Americanly!! Thank you!” - Anna S

I love your book! I read it to mine and my cousins kids on the Fourth of July! They loved it!” - Ashley L

“Oh! I got a few copies of Americianly for a book drive for military kids last year! The little bit I got to read it to our girls, they absolutely LOVED it!”  - Ashley M 

“Love your artwork and the message! I'm a fan!!” - Beth D

“I think your book is perfect for these kids. They need to hear those words over and over again!! Your illustrations are gorgeous! And it wouldn't be the same without them!” - Bethany V

“Awesome, we love ‘Americanly’! My son loves the pages.… that they aren't as thick as board books, but nice and flexible without ruining easily.” - Brittney L

This is one of my favorite books.” - Charrie M

“And, thank you for your incredible books! I'm so glad I get to sell them!” Chenell C

“…it’s a great book!” - Colby W

“Can I just say I love the illustrations in Americanly. My mom is a Middle school Geography teach so we are absolutely in love with the book!” -  Dani F

“Amazing! Thank you so much! We love Americanly.” - Erica S 

“We brought a couple copies of Americanly and sold out pretty quickly. - Gina S

“Thanks for the beautiful art work and the beautiful message!” -Jennifer L

"Americanly" is so wonderful and creative. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with us!”  - Jeri F

“We're huge fans of your work at our house!” Jessica P-G

“I sell Usborne Books & More. My mother bought this one for my nephew for his birthday. It is a beautiful book.”  - Kathleen T

“Hi Melanie! We love Americanly in our house… we love to travel so it's fun to tell our kids where we've been/visited and where we'd like to travel with them..”  - Katie B

We love it!! I'm happy to sell it.” - Kelly F

“I’m a Usborne Consultant and an educator. We LOVE Americanly!” - Kortney C

I sold out of them. They always sell out.” - Kristin H

Melanie! Love your illustrations!” - Lauren J

“Hello, Melanie. I sell it all the time.  Just ordered more and hoping it comes into for my fair.” - Lauren S-B

“Thanks for adding me, Melanie!! Love your work!”  - Leah N

“We love this book!” - Leslie D

I love your work!!” - Lesly C

“I love Americanly! It's one of our favorite books!” - Marley W

“Hi Melanie!  I love your book.  I love sharing it with parents and children and hope they love it as much as I do.” - Mercedez F

“Thanks so much.. we love these books.” - Misty W

Thanks, Melanie! I love your work!” - Pam O

I love your artwork!! And Americanly is one of our favorite books. I have a 4 and 2 year old and we just got back from driving to Tulsa from NJ.”  - Rae M

Thank you! I love your book!” - Regan P  

“We love Americanly! I just got back from Usborne's conventions this past week." Sarah B 

Melanie Hope Greenberg is a fabulous artist! I love her work in "Americanly" and her coloring pages are so fun! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.” 
- Sarah-Grace A

“Love sharing our beautiful country through this amazing book! Melanie Hope Greenberg.”  - Sheri G

“I absolutely love your book!” - Tammy B

“Thank you for making such beautiful books <3” - Tiffany H

“I love your books and sell a bunch of them!” - Virginia T 

“We love the book! Great job” - Valerie M 

Hi Melanie!!  I was able to get my hands on I love you Americanly this past weekend and I feel in love.”  - Veronica W