Tuesday, August 8, 2017



When I was a young girl my world vision was shaped in part by looking at picture books. They aided my reading skills by visually identifying objects first before I knew how to read their names. With that memory in mind, my approach to illustrating and teaching about picture books is the art must convey an author's story in a way that is clear and detailed. My goal is to broaden a child's vision and help them learn to read.

Contact Melanie for session breakdowns and honorariums:  melhopegreenberg@aol.com

Art Activities based on my published books. 

YOUNG STUDENT WORKSHOPS - At Your School or by Skype. Highlights the writer/artist process, an interactive visual guide with easy to follow step by step techniques. Learn how to create an original story concept, a first draft, sketches, storyboards and final artwork for print. Student participation is encouraged. Reading / Drawing / Q&A.

* For Pre-K to Fifth grade 
* Maximum of 3-4 workshops a day
* Each workshop is 40 - 60 minutes 
* Small classroom / library settings and Large audiences using Power Point.
* School / Host provides honorarium and expenses for travel and meals. 
* Lodging must be provided for out of town trips.
* NYC DOE Vendor  -  Teaching Artist
* BOCES  - Teaching Artist

My workshops topics explore craft, selling and marketing a children's picture book idea for publication. They are for:
* ARTISTS / WRITERS (Published and Unpublished)

Contact Melanie for session breakdowns and honorariums:  melhopegreenberg@aol.com


“Melanie is a fabulous teacher, fellow workshop leader. She knows her stuff and can impart it to others.” 
- Larry Dane Brimner, Author, 2018 Sibert Medal

“We had the best time and can't wait to have you back! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
-  Terri Ramaglia Kostkowicz, PS 108, Brooklyn 

“Dear Melanie, Thank you so much for being with us yesterday for WRAD!  The students absolutely loved hearing the story about the Mermaid parade on Coney Island. It offered a great opportunity to connect Social Studies with writing! Doubly wonderful!  The first graders you spoke with are extremely motivated to continue their writing (and illustrative) efforts – I am so happy for teachers and our awesome learners! Thanks again for being such a blessing to our kids!” 
- Linda Cox, Elementary Teacher 

"Laura & Caroline's mom called this morning and one of the things she said was that the girls loved your program. Rachel also said that your programs were among the best we had at the Academy” - Peggy Salwen, NYPL

“Wonderful reading of Mermaids on Parade with Melanie Hope Greenberg for our K and 1st graders today. Thanks to all who made it happen! The kids really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!!”  
- Lark Losardo, Asst. Principal, PS 90 Brookyln

“Thank you melanie, it was a pleasure meeting you and what a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear how a book is created.”   
- Michele Barber-Perry, PTA Nest School, NYC