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Age Range: 3 and up 
Paperback:  ISBN 978-0-578-55212-5 
Hardback:    ISBN 978-0-578-61903-3 
Publisher:   Ingram 2019 / 1st Edition Putnam / Penguin (2008)

School Library Journal 2008
The Mermaid Parade, a summer solstice ritual to open the beach season at Coney Island, started in 1983 as the revival of an older festival. Greenberg paints detailed—and accurate—layouts of the neighborhood, complete with shops, arcades, the F train to Coney Island, Astroland, and diverse people decked out in their sea-creature finery. She lavishes each joyful spread with upbeat colors and patterns. Skies echo the changing blue tints of the ocean. The minimal story line—a young girl narrates as she marches in the parade with her parents—functions like a tour guide, calling attention to the sights. The wealth of detail turns the pages into a Where's Waldo game: adults and children might challenge each other to locate the three main characters in an amusement-park panorama, or to count the number of pirates dancing on the Boardwalk. This is a fine way to keep the warm sun, sand, and celebration around all year.

A young girl is excited to march in the Coney Island annual Mermaid Parade, which marks the official summer opening of the beaches. As the parade moves toward the sea for the opening ceremony, crowds cheer the fancifully dressed participants, and the girl grows more excited, until the final surprise comes: she wins the award for “Best Little Mermaid.” The descriptive first-person narrative is somewhat overlong, but it captures the girl’s anticipation and enjoyment, and vividly conveys the scene, from the “shiny costumes that sparkle and glitter” to the dancing East River Mermaids and the feel of the warm sun. Exuberant, cartoon-style gouache illustrations fill pages with a festive riot of colorful, diverse participants and activities, while a map view follows the parade’s route. Though place- and event-specific, this title offers an affectionate, upbeat depiction of costume fun, parades, and community celebrations. A final page includes a how-to for making a simple mermaid tail, and a note on Mermaid Parade history.

A good time is plainly had by all...[a] celebration of a colorful, distinctive local tradition.

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"It's so wonderful Melanie. Hope you caught our review of it.

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MERMAIDS ON PARADE in the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Environmental Education Center library 99 Plymouth Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn


"My love and admiration goes out to Melanie Hope Greenberg...Does everyone have Mermaids on Parade? …..Classic books for Brooklyn cool kids.” 
- Tina Chang, Brooklyn Poet Laureate

"Hi Melanie Greenberg,  My best wishes to Jane Feder and congratulations to you.” 
- Carol Albert, owner of Astroland

“There's an article on NPR online today that features a photo from a San Jose library and my picture book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE, is on the library shelf. It’s an article about diversity. THANK YOU for having my book in your collection. So honored!”
Melanie Hope Greenberg - Author and Illustrator
“We saw the article. We were excited to know that NPR used one of our images. That's cool how you spotted your book ... We only buy the best. Cheers!  - San Jose Public Library 
“I should mention, by the way, that Lily Bird is OBSESSED with Mermaids on Parade.  I am not even just saying that.  She loves a lot of books but right now that's the one she wants to read every. single. night.  There are so many details that she pores over.  It took about 30 readings before I myself noticed the Superfine reference.  Well hidden!  I think part of the lure of the book for her is the trophy at the end.  She's already asked if she could have one.  I've told her that next summer maybe we can go to the real mermaid parade.  We'll see.  In any case, you have a #1 fan in the Bird household.  She even knows how to say your name when I read the title.”  - Betsy Bird, Author and School Library Journal blogger

"I saw someone buying your Mermaid book at Powerhouse on 8th. Woman was buying it as a gift. Second time she has done so. She said "Thank You.” 
- Louise Crawford, Brooklyn blogger 

 "How exciting!!!” - Karen Zebulon, owner, Gumbo Brooklyn

“We really enjoyed the book reading and of course we loved the arts and crafts! We still have our glamorous mermaid crowns! Thank you Melanie Hope Greenberg! - Nicole S

Thank You Pittsburgh Public Library System! "My 3 year old daughter has become a big fan of your book. We found it at our public library and she was hooked on reading it every night" - Jeremy F

"We had cupcakes donated to a Friends of the Park Slope Library event and they were wonderful! She made us specialized mermaid cupcakes in honor of a book reading about the mermaid parade.”  - Park Slope Parents review of 4 Wishes Cakery

“…our little patron Evan.. ADORES Mermaids on Parade! Court Square Library loves Melanie Hope Greenberg! -  Alison Mc, Children’s Librarian

“Both my daughter andI love your illustrations in Mermaid on Parade.   It is so joyful.  Thanks for doing what you do!” - Juana F, Children's Librarian   

"Well, thank you also for having such a singular book. I actually started the Brooklyn list with your book in mind and went from there.” - Stephanie W,  NYPL Librarian

"Just helped a young reader enter her recent titles in our summer reading program! She loved Mermaids on Parade and enjoyed hearing that we are friends!” 
- Maria S, Librarian, OH

"Your workshop on your picture book process for Mermaids on Parade was fabulous - so informative, zippy, and funny! Great to spend time with you!” - Sarah Lamstein, author

"Wait! You know the person who illustrated that book? We have read it roughly 4,000 times. I'm starstruck by proxy.”  - Andria, parent, and now Facebook Friend

"Awww, that's cuz he loves "Mermaids on Parade!” - Beth E-H. parent 

“Melanie Hope Greenberg--thanks for the afternoon activity from Mermaids on Parade. They had fun.” - Carol B, author

"Mermaids of Parade was my Granddaughters all time favorite for me to read to her. Definitely makes an excellent gift for giving.” - Catherine M

“We were down in Brighton Beach and Amelie recognized some sites not to far off from her favorite book :)” -  Kristina A

“I am enjoying reading your beautiful, colorful and the characters of all size and colors. The grandchildren love and want us to read over and over again. Thank you so much for the joy your book has brought to our lives. Also very proud you are my cousin. Lots of love.” 
 - Ginelle A

“Hi Melanie, Congratulations on another successful children's book! Our grand kids still enjoy Mermaids on Parade, My Father's Luncheonette and Down in the Subway. Keep on writing and illustrating your wonderful books!  All the best.” -  Nino & Judy

"Melanie... Our family enjoyed the book very much...You captured the excitement of Coney Island and the Mermaid Parade that we became home sick. 😎💕 Your illustrations are amazing!! Thank you for representing Brooklyn! - Ruth Ann

"Although "your" Coney Island is newer than mine--I went to Steeplechase and can remember those rides and also was one of the last kids to have experienced going on the Parachute Jump before it closed down-== Mermaids on Parade invoked many memories of what Coney Island is and was It really was such razzle-dazzle for us as children. I think you captured all that for the children who will be reading about Coney Island today---and as well as for those who have never actually been there
Your book has been a delightful experience. Good luck to you as you bring those happy experiences to your young audience. - V. Rizzuto (happy customer)

"Hi Melanie  thanks for sharing the Mermaids illustration, it is just beautiful. All the best with your work.  - Kate Mcgarry, jazz artist

Gorgeous -  Steven Levenberg

"CONGRATULATIONS Melanie - what a thrill and accomplishment.  - Pat Tortorici